I’m making this blog in hope to remain focussed on my life ambitions and goals, so here’s to 2014, a stepping stone in my treacherous journey before I can start living properly.

Creative improvements for this year:

  • Blog everyday. Or at least once a week! Stick to writing prompts when stuck. Try not to make it too personal. Or make it personal. Just fucking write.
  • Start my ‘photo a day’ challenge again. (Also good idea to start this in my blog.)
  • Read and go through the ‘1001 albums you must read before you die’ book.
  • Generally read more outside of the curriculum.

General improvements for this year:

  • Start eating better and going to the gym.
  • Stay on top of my studies/university work. I need a degree in order to leave this country and do what I want to do…
  • Set up visual “travel” fund again. (I say ‘again’. I was fourteen/fifteen when I last set one up and spent it on Morrissey tickets.)

Let’s hope it all goes to plan.


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