The Writer’s Curse.

I don’t sit around and brainstorm ideas to write, I wait. Sometimes it’s only a few days. Sometimes it can be up to a month. But the urge to write and let my scribbles of notes and verses go in one big hit comes sooner or later and I find the relief I need somewhere in the process between a blank page and the final full stop (or rather, “new post” and “publish post.”) Most of the time I don’t even know where my scribbles are heading or if they’ll ever amount to anything important or knee-wrenching surrender when I finally realise the direction my thoughts have been huddled and hiding the past few weeks. Because the truth is, my mind has not been in the direction I want it to be and maybe I wouldn’t have known that had I not sat here in the dark for 4 hours, wasting the day and suddenly sitting up to grab a pad and pen at the end of it all.


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