Six Words, Not One In Mind.

Daily Post: Today’s prompt, Flash Fiction / Six-Word stories.


Six Words, Not One In Mind.

Out of the hundred and thousands of words the English language has to offer, all the possibilities you could delve into, yet all you can bumble out is “erm,” “well” and “fuck”. Two of which aren’t even actual words. The reoccurring problem all writer’s face – that blasted writer’s block.

It can strike you down like the plague on a sunny Tuesday morning as swiftly as the gentle breeze in the palm trees of the Bahamas. Your brain rapidly freezes over like hell, each crevice blasted in rage by the ice Queen with her pointed icicle staff, preserving all past knowledge of words and sentence structure somewhere beneath the ice burgs like ancient artefacts whilst you attempt your morning coffee. Dumb-founded and shaken slightly by your inability to do anything a normal fully function human being can (such as tying shoe laces), you are faced with the agonising question: To Give Up, Or Give In.

writers blockAnd suddenly, six more words are born. To Give Up, Or Give In.
So you write your post on the writer’s struggle by Tuesday afternoon.




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