To Look Down On The Clouds, You Don’t Need To Fly

Prompt: Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.


To look down on the clouds
You don’t need to fly
I’ve never flown in a plane
I’ll live until I die
– The Stone Roses, “Going Down.” 

I really love these lyrics because they’re open to multiple interpretations.

I think the first two lines in themselves are really significant. The song describes how you don’t need to “look down upon” (ie. be above) the clouds in order to see and experience all the world has to offer by travelling in a plane. It eludes to the feeling of being  “on the top of the world” in the literal sense by flying in a plane or parachuting through the air, but ultimately suggests that you can create this sense of flying in your raw emotions and everyday life by living each day recklessly and completely.  In other words, you don’t need to literally fly to feel like you’re flying.

This song as well as many other songs by The Stone Roses remind me of our life and our significance. Our lives are too short to take each day slowly and get caught up in the humble chaos of working and settling down. Death is creeping upon us so we ought to see what the world has to offer and really experience life by just simply living it, before we die. We should take every opportunity to live a fulfilled and dangerous life, taking risks and creating memories which reminds me of my debate on drugs and how I feel they enhance our lives. (See the post here.)

 And yet ironically, I’m sat here writing a blog post when I could be actually living.


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