How I Afford to Travel… And You May Not Like What I’m Going To Say

Wow! This is really inspiring. All I’ve ever wanted to do is travel but my parents urged me to at least go to university and get education out of the way. I’m halfway through my degree now but I have the most restless feet. I just want to LEAVE already! I don’t have a job though or any sort of income.. My parents tell me it’s unrealistic to “travel the whole world” without being super rich but I’m determined. I swear, as soon as I graduate, I’m outta here. Thanks for sharing this, I’m going to save it and look back on it when I FINALLY get to leave!

Kate from the States

The honest truth – I never have the money I need to travel, but I buy the ticket anyway. I’ve realized that money comes and goes, but the more I make, the harder it is to part with it and weirdly, the less I have, the easier it becomes to budget.

I don’t do that saving account, checking account, travel account thing either. I am not rational. I am extreme. I want to travel and so I do. There is no in between. While I was working my first career job in public relations, I realized early on that it was going to take me forever to save all the money I would need to see the world. I come from a middle class family, I’m the middle child of five and I live in one of the most expensive places in America – Long Island, New York. I don’t…

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One thought on “How I Afford to Travel… And You May Not Like What I’m Going To Say

  1. Great read. I totally agree with the work pressure and materialism in society. I am also a travel blogger. I wrote an article just last week called ‘Do you work too hard? A reflection on life’s little decisions.’ Similar to this with reflecting on how we work too much compared to other countries in the world, how we need to not be so materialistic and experience happiness on a daily basis. You should have a look 😉 Can i give you some advice? Finish your degree!! It will be soooo much harder to go back after travelling. Finish what you have started, get your piece of paper, work for a little and save money. Then go!! That way you can work using your degree when you travel, you can potentially make more money this way too. I think it would be too hard going in the middle of your degree and you may not finish what you have started! I give this same advice to my little sister too. In fact she graduated yesterday and is glad she stuck it out. All the best!! Oh and love that this girl she had the balls to move to Aus with $800 in her bank. She would have had the best experience. Good on her! Great blog by the way!

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