On The Subject Of A Self-Inspiring Writer.

I often find myself twiddling with my pen (or rather, in modern terms, refreshing Facebook or googling pug bow-ties) as I’m generally uninspired to write. I want to, though. But the fear of having an unoriginal idea and a looming blank page can be too overbearing to even open wordpress in a tab. I’m nowhere near being published or a recognised author. I don’t even write for my student newspaper (yet!) and I think this fear of not being a someone holds us back from what we want to do and be who we want and that, for me, is a writer. But I’m not going to get anywhere if I don’t write SOMETHING and being totally uninspired constantly is off-putting when I read job descriptions that read ‘must have consistent creative and imaginative input everyday’. That is, if you want to go into journalism.

William Shakespeare writing

Yeah, I totally Googled ‘Shakespeare chewing quill’

The thing I fail to realise, though, is that I am inspired. I’m constantly inspired by the things around us. Most of us have these racing thoughts filled with our own ideas and opinions and they jump into our mind as quickly as they hop back out of it again without us even putting the thought to paper. And that’s the crucial bit. Just writing it down or making a mental flag so you can come back to it and develop and then, viola, you have something to write about.

I only realised this recently when I was driving alone. I’m usually driving long distances because ALL of my friends live far away from me but I noticed that by the end of my journey, I’d thought up a great big deal of things that I could write and develop for hours. Material, at last! But..what was it again?

Having just read this great post on ‘Searching for Inspiration’, I agree that writers, (at the risk of sounding self-important), generally have a ‘sixth sense’ to their surroundings and being inspired by them. The trouble I find, however, is just remembering them and writing them down.

You are more inspired/inspiring than you know it. Just take note and time out in your day to really think about what you’re thinking about to think about writing it down.

And would you look at that! Five minutes on wordpress and I’ve at least written something.


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