To the “Justice for Men and Boys (and the Idiotic Women Who Love Them)”,

So, according to this BuzzFeed article there’s a new uprising in an anti-feminist party, which to me, is no different from the racial bias of the BNP… and before you criticise my statement, please read WHY I think this.


Whatta prick.

Firstly, I have a problem with the name, “Justice for Men and Boys (And the Women Who Love them)”  because, excuse me if I’m being rude, but what injustices exactly are you faced with everyday? Being told that you can never amount to anything outside of the kitchen? Unequal pay? Or like, I dunno, constant threat of being raped by a stranger or murdered by the one who’s supposed to love you the most? Being forced to grow a life inside of you that you don’t want, can’t afford, or any other personal reason? Your genitals being mutilated? Being criticised for what you wear incase it lures and attracts a rapist? Being frowned upon by feeding your OWN baby in public because society sexualises your body for you? Society claiming ‘no’ could possibly mean ‘yes’, and silence definitely means ‘yes’ when being questioned whether your rape was consensual sex? Your rapist being defended because supposedly your purpose in life is to ruin a strangers life and reap in the cash, also subjecting yourself to abuse in your hometown and being called a ‘liar’? Being told how to look like the ‘ideal’ with plastic, photoshopped advertisements, encouraging you to starve yourself so you can be approved and appealing to the opposite sex? Being literally stoned to death in some countries, just for being seen TALKING to another member of the opposite sex? Being trafficked for sex and caught by the Red Light District? Your poverty forcing you into prostitution? Being whistled at or grabbed at, just by walking down the street? Being told to scream ‘fire’ instead of ‘rape’ because no one will help you? Being scared if you’re ever stuck in a situation where you have to walk home in the dark because there’s a high chance you’ll get attacked? Being raped and filmed, only to have society mock and ‘imitate’ the humiliation you felt by posing and enacting in pictures of your horror on the internet? College and University scholars of football being excused from their rapes/assaults because they’re simply too good a player to sacrifice? Having to literally carry a mattress around with you so that people notice you were raped by a class mate and that your school are doing nothing to support you? Having to iron out your breasts to look like a boy so you can go to school and not get captured, raped, and dishonoured from society? Children ranging from FOUR YEARS OLD to TWELVE being FORCED to marry 48 year olds, or sometimes even older, most dying from sexual abuse or the pain of childbirth?
Because as far as I was aware, all these ‘injustices’ occur to women and girls, not you. I assume you’ve grown in quite a privileged upper class society, because you’re absolutely clueless about what the word feminist even means.

Feminism literally means equality. We women want to be treated how you’re treated. That is all. We don’t want to get raped. We don’t want to be abused by our partners. We don’t want any of those things I listed before, and by you denouncing feminism as a political party, you are condoning them. You are saying that your daughters, mothers, wives, sisters, female friends all deserve to be attacked at the hands of a man, simply because they are a woman.
You ignore the strong history behind feminism. Women risked their lives for women today to be able to vote and the strong position we so gratefully hold right now. And you’re going to take it all back. Why can’t we forget gender and treat each other with respect as human beings?

As for the women who “love them” and support the party, I beg you to look at how ironic that is. Simply put, without feminism, you would not be able to support them AT ALL. You would have NO CHOICE in the matter. And shortly, by supporting them, there will come the dull realisation that they don’t give a fuck what you think about it anyway.

If anyone even supports the ideology behind this, then I ask what are you even so scared of in women reaching equality?! That they might achieve equal pay to you? That your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, female friends, ANYONE who has been a survivor of rape/domestic abuse/sexual harassment might be justified by the courts, not humiliated and live in fear? That the world might be like, a BETTER PLACE WHERE WE’RE ALL NICE TO EACH OTHER MAYBE?

Apparently, “To call yourself a feminist should be no more acceptable than calling yourself a bigot or a sexist or a fascist.” Well this just made me laugh. How incredibly and hilariously ironic this is. He is joking, right? To call yourself an ANTI-Feminist is LITERALLY BY DEFINITION someone who opposes equality and therefore, is homophobic, racist, bigoted and most importantly, SEXIST BECAUSE YOU ARE A MISOGYNIST BY NOT SUPPORTING WOMEN. Is that not clear?!?!

This party is simply run by old bigoted men. While it seems we take two steps forward, we take three steps back. As a feminist we’re constantly having to fight and prove ourselves. I’ve said it too many times to count: feminism means equality and that is it. The fact it already IS a ‘dirty word’ only shows how fucked up our society is in twisting the truth – like you are, twisting the truth and manipulating men in your bigoted beliefs because you are a misogynist and want to oppress women. Thus, women fall in the trap too because this patriarchy system we have means they want your approval and ignore their sisters, and idiotically ‘join’ you. You know there are male feminists too, right? Feminism supports men, too. Men are expected to be a certain way,  they’re told “don’t cry” and are emotionally stunted. “Lad culture” is taking over day by day and there are many nice and decent men against this. But I must point out, male sexism isn’t a thing. It’s like calling a black person racist, ignoring all the years white men subjected them to slavery and racism. Whilst men feel some ‘injustices’ from women (please, enlighten me as to what they are though), feminism seeks to help you out too if they are genuine.

To put it bluntly, want to be treated equally? FEMINIST. You LITERALLY are a feminist. Do I need to say it again? Oh, you want to still clean and cook for your boyfriend? Well, YOU’RE STILL A FEMINIST. CAUSE YOU CAN CHOOSE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT. Do you think its disgusting that men are entitled to your body? …FEMINIST. Female genital mutilation is disturbing? FEMINIST.! Don’t wanna get raped? FEMINIST. FEMINIST. FEMINIST!! Hate men? NOT. A. FUCKING. FEMINIST.  Want women to suffer eternally, be subject to a sex-slave who cooks and cleans and is never allowed out of the house? THEN YOU AE NOT A FEMINIST.

Not to mention that this idiotic man supports the Ched Evans case… Along with Katie Hopkins. He left the Conservative party because David CAMERON was being too liberal with women, which in itself is a joke. So I ask, what more fucking rights does he want for men exactly? Women to be eradicated completely?

Well, it looks like it’s time to raise that secret feminist army we’ve been hiding!  Is that what you’re scared of? BOMBING ALL MEN TODAY!* Although, just a feminist party should suffice to rival these idiots. (Although all parties should be feminist cause y’know, EVERYONE SHOULD BE FIGHTING FOR A FUCKING EQUAL SOCIETY.)

*This is a joke. I realise that this party is only a minority group and do not represent all males. I’m sorry that he has the same genitals as you and represents your voice. Don’t like it? …. I think you know what I’m gonna say.


11 thoughts on “To the “Justice for Men and Boys (and the Idiotic Women Who Love Them)”,

    • Thank you! It infuriates me now how people are going to view feminists now and look at all those “””injustices to men””” that get overlooked.. Just before I was on Facebook and a man was commenting on Loose Women for it’s “sexism towards males” and how if there were any other TV shows that were “sexist towards women” they would be taken down… What like, Family Guy? Anchorman? American Dad? Uh, like most TV SHOWS? RAP music? (Not that I complain, I love Family Guy and some rap/hip-hop!) But just GAD, some people eh!

      • Yeah and I think the same goes for these apparent MRAs too! Their figures and facts are totally untrue, not even near realistic to be honest! I don’t understand where they think having a skewed vision of the discriminative injustices will lead them!

  1. Yeah, I totally forgot about those! If you want to annoy yourself further you should check out the “Women against feminism page”… Biggest face palm ever. I’m sick of my own voice screeching about how ironic their page is and the definition of feminism!
    But yeah brilliant, I would love to. What’s your email? I’ve tried finding it on your page but couldn’t.. great blog too by the way!
    My email is:

  2. At least the backlash means one thing – we’re finally getting somewhere. It’s infuriating though! (I had a bit of a rant too).

    I think maybe Mike Buchanan harbours some bitterness over his two marriages, now over.

    • Very true! Although I’m also fearful that this will inspire the MRA’s to preach about their “”injustices”” further and by doing so, create a big ugly anti-feminist response…
      It’s already pretty bad in the press. Time tried to BAN the word ‘feminist’ from their magazine and celebrities are consistently asked if they identify as feminists or not, creating this really unnecessary divide in our society.
      I hope we are getting somewhere though! I sometimes feel like we make one huge step forward, and yet our other leg simultaneously just got stuck in the mud..

      But yeah, sod Buchanan. I really liked The Guardian’s take on it. They pretty much laughed it off and said it was a waste of time to even give it publicity because it’s that stupid! It was ace.

      Also, thanks for reading my post! I’ll have a little look at your blog now 🙂

      • They’re right – it’s attention seekibg that probably should be ignored. However, I too worry that his words will inspire others to vent mysogony masked as ‘men’s rights’ concerns and convince thenselves that it’s not sexism.

        I heartily disagree with the way women who say they’re not feminist are attacked and demonised – that’s not feminism. We support women’s rights to choose for thenselves. However, it deeply saddens me how many people still totally misunderstand what feminism is.

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