Page Three Prank?

After a few days silent streak from The Sun’s Page 3, it seemed that the No More Page 3 Campaign had finally won it’s laborious battle as feminists began celebrating up and down the country. (See my mixed feelings about it here.)
However, today’s paper featured the usual topless model, the header reading “Clarifications and Corrections” and, “We’ve had a mammary lapse.”
Clearly, The Sun is declaring war. A murderous, Battle of the Somme-esque war in which its troops are targeted and saying ‘Bring it on’ through grizzling black teeth. They’ve exposed their positions to the opposition, and No More Page 3 Campaigners are not going to hold back fire. This is their suicide mission. At least they’re going down with a fight…

Despite never confirming nor denying the end of Page 3, The Sun’s silence spoke volumes over the past few days. It seemed as though they were finally turning around and progressing into the 21st century with a bowed head of shame. Even the Labour MP, Stella Creasy, commented that:
“So Sun going back to doing #page3? bit like drunken letchy uncle at a wedding who doesn’t get the message. Makes everyone uncomfortable.”
Only, the drunken uncle apologised, then went and laughed with his friends and did the same thing he’s being doing for 44 years only days later. Where’s your dignity?

Illustration by Ben Jennings

Regardless, any respect The Sun had gained is now lost. Pulling a prank like this will not sit well with the British public, even those who were on the fence about the end of page 3, the newspaper’s immaturity and resistance to learn is embarrassing. They’re listening, but they’re mocking, and that’s not okay.

Nevertheless, the public and commentators are sure that the days of Page 3 are numbered and are counting down. As the Guardian discovered, apparently the Sun had planned to scrap Page 3 “under the radar”, yet a senior editor
“quipped privately: ‘If I were the boss, I’d put in a topless pic just to spite everybody.'”

This publicity stunt arguably just shows how outdated The Sun really are. They’re now laughing in the faces of all other newspaper companies for running the story and criticising them for not checking their sources, humbly adding apologies on “their behalf.” Running the page today only shows where the real issue of Page 3 lies, and that’s not with nakedness, but male-dominated power that scrutinises and objectifies the female body, regardless if anyone dislikes them doing so or not.

Well, it seems you’ve had your joke now, Sun. Now, get back to work and clear up the mess you’ve made.


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