In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Play Lexicographer.”
Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.


Foloebia: A strong sense of something unsure, or probable non-existence that forces one to question one’s sanity.

Folobia is a consistent and pervasive fear, whilst not uncommon but rarely occurs, when someone or something seems to be following you, especially at night-fall. A foloebiac individual will experience sudden feelings of paranoia amongst friends whom they fear are “laughing at them” or whispering to one another in the short moment(s) when they look away. Most commonly, foloebia is described when an individual is convinced that someone else’s eyes are staring (“burning”) in the back of their head, usually on public transport, yet they cannot turn around to check nor confirm their thoughts.
Whilst folobia is not considered a serious disorder, many are inflicted with sudden foloebiac or eerie sensual feelings that can heighten their fears to the point of running in the dark convinced someone is darting from bush to bush, questioning and thus embarrassing oneself when demanding to know the truth outright from their unbeknown aforementioned friends, and turning without warning to stare at a poor stranger on the bus whom had not been interested in the back of your head at all.


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