I’m Going To Uganda!

It’s officially official – I’m going!

(Note: none of these photos are mine.)

I had a brief intro meeting a few hours ago and an interview to welcome me aboard, and since then I have been constructing my JustGiving page which reads:

“Hi everyone,
Please donate and sponsor me as I volunteer to assist in improving the facilities for primary school children in rural Uganda for 4 weeks!

As a University of Leeds student, I hope to raise enough money with Leeds Rag by partaking in various fundraising activities (such as bucket shaking, backpacking, cake sales and other events) as well as raise money through this JustGiving page.

sssspeI am fundraising for the nonprofit and British registered charity,Soft Power Education, who have been working and improving the lives of Ugandan communities since 1999. I will be living with the locals and doing a variety of work from making bricks, assisting in building foundations and walls, painting classrooms, playing with the kids and even teaching!

So why Uganda?
In Uganda, the first 2 boys and 2 girls in each family have the right to free primary education. However, there aren’t enough classrooms or teachers to accommodate these children, with class sizes over 100 pupils. Soft Power Education (SPE) works with the Ugandan government to build extra or renovate existing classrooms for the communities where it is most needed. The Ugandan government has agreed with SPE that with every extra classroom built or renovated, they will provide another teacher. 

The classrooms we build alongside the access to free education is important in Uganda and very much needed in rural communities. Our project aims to  provide children with a fun and safe environment to learn – a crucial stepping stone towards their future.

ALL donations go towards the cause and can be broken down into the following:

  • £2.50 will buy 100 bricks
  • £5 will buy a shovel or four litres of paint
  • £10 will pay the wage of a tradesman for one week
  • £20 will provide six tonnes of building sand
  • £40 will buy a load (8 tonnes) of lake sand or building aggregate
  • £50 will buy a 1,000 litre water catchment tank
  • £100 will pay three teachers’ wages at one of SPE’s preschools
  • £1,000 (aiming high!) will refurbish a two classroom primary school block

I will get to see first-hand how EVERY single pound and penny of your donations contribute to the community.  

Thank you on the behalf of SPE, myself, and the Ugandan children!”



I hope to occasionally post on my blog with various updates/fundraisers.
I’m super excited about going and I even have the opportunity to travel around Africa after my 4 weeks are up – an opportunity I will seriously consider and update frequently on my blog.

Now, however, PLEASE DONATE AND SPONSOR ME followers! It would mean so much to me!



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