Brief Depart

So it seems that I’ve written nothing on here over the past 7 months, but I actually have a pretty genuine excuse or two.

Over June I embarked on possibly one of the most challenging and eye-opening experiences of my life when I packed up to camp in rural Uganda for four weeks, and I intend to do a write up on this at some point soon.

Having not left Africa, in July I visited the beautiful island of Zanzibar in Tanzania and very nearly never came home – which was a completely different experience from the other side of Africa I’d just been apart of.

August then had me packing up and jetting off to Madrid for a year, where I work full time in a primary school and fumble my way through “Spanglish”. In Spain I’ve faced many, many difficulties living there and trying to adapt, including the absence of internet and for the best part of three months a flat to even live in, hence why I’m writing now in the comfort of my own home in the UK, where internet exists.

I don’t really have that much long left, but I really miss blogging and I think the thought of having to ‘update’ on my life is more daunting than just going ahead and writing. But here’s to 2016! Where I hope I will learn Spanish, kick-start the year with “Veganuary”, read more, write more, become the more polished and defined version of me that I’m supposed to be cause, damn, I’m going to be twenty-two this year and a lot of stuff is already in motion to change and I need to keep up.


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