Faceless Fashion: Fishnets and Mermaids

So begins my faceless fashion posts, where I post my inspired outfits that get me through the week!

Fishnets under jeans and mermaid metallics
This new craze is spreading like wildfire, and I’m a HUGE fan because who knew that fishnets could add an extra layer of warmth, despite their holey-appearing exterior? Wear them with ripped jeans to give your knees a sneaky somethin’, and you can even mix it up by getting a variety of colours. Seriously, the accessorising probabilities are endless! I’ve recently started wearing red fishnets under black ripped jeans (apologetically added at the end in a very blurry photo)*, and since I find myself often equipped for a funeral, the coloured fishnets add just a little smidgen of colour that I would have otherwise left out. (If you’re feeling extra daring, match it with your lipstick!) Alongside this, I’ve recently become a fan of not just the docs’n’socks frenzy, but docs’n’metallic socks, which is always great to match to a metallic based eyeshadow – you know the one that sorta-never gets it debut? Let it have its day and you won’t regret it!photo-on-23-01-2017-at-15-16


Feat. improvised backdrop

Here are some of my photographs I’ve gathered along my fishnet journey so far!





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