I GO TO THE BALL! (And other dress must-haves!)


Here cometh my new found love for dresses! My university winter English ball led to a flurry of panic-bought Black Friday sale haul of countless dresses from ASOS and Misguided as, having not worn a dress in a very very long time, trawling the streets for an original fancy-ish dress was not altogether appealing. (Three cheers for online shopping!)

Anyway, the dress that won my heart over once more was this ASOS’ own number. I envisaged the black sparkly slink ideal one night in my dreams, and lo and behold, ASOS delivered the dress of my literal dreams. ball4

If you’re a bit of a grunge-glam gal like myself, its an altogether winner. Combining the length of a classy ballgown with a twist of a peeping leg (made more prominent with the aid of my Topshop metallic wedge heels) making it altogether perfect for the event. Equipped with a faux-fur coat (and wine!) I was good to go!


I’ll be posting my other dress alternatives in a future post, so keep your eyes peeled for my ballgown dress must-haves for this festive season!

———– UPDATE! ———

So ballgown dress runner up no.1 was this dress by Misguided. This one fell short of sparkle that was obviously required for the ball, yet was perfect for a impromptu trip to the theatre to see Strictly Ballroom the Musical.


I styled it once more with my beloved coat and my even more-so loved pom-pom snowball earrings that I found on Etsy! (And wine- again).


It’s quite simple but elegant nonetheless, so brighten it up with some funky shoes or earrings or bold eyeshadow/lipstick. Or all three, like I did because why not? It’s Christmas, go wild!



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