Hello all!

So the subtle beginning changes in the weather brings with it new horizons and new jacket-must-haves. Me and Annie went on an expedition to find our coat dreams and succeeded on the cheap! Never underestimate what the charity shops behold!



Faux fur is probably my favourite coat this time of year because it’s warm and goes with absolutely everything and better yet, no life suffered for your vanity. While ASOS marketplace promise a very good alternative line of faux fur coats in a variety of colours and styles, they’re a little on the steep side which isn’t desirable when you’re living on a student budget!

img_7009_fotorSo a good place to start your searching is in charity shops. Try searching in high end areas because most likely someone has given their never-before-worn coat away and it is usually kept in good to new condition (unlike vintage shops which often over price grandmas dishevelled dust-eater.)
I absolutely adore my new coat, and for only £12 I will not stop gloating about it!


True happiness!

I wore mine quite casually, but jazzed it up with a colourful velvet tassel top and bright orange eyeshadow. Yes, tis’ the season for experimental colour clashes and double denim – so fear not. Break the rules.

Another fashionable faux fur coat at the moment is in the leopard print style, and believe me, I am on the hunt! So keep your eyes peeled for up and coming posts because I’m sure it won’t be long until the Samaritans or Oxfam deliver!



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